Vol 2, No 3 (2014)

Special Issue: Ethics from Systems

Guest Editor Rainer Zimmermann

Table of Contents


Editorial Systema 2(3) PDF
David Rousseau 01
Special Issue: Ethics from Systems PDF
Rainer E. Zimmermann 02-03

Special Issue: Ethics from Systems

Ethics from Systems as Metaphysical Reconstruction PDF
Rainer E. Zimmermann 04-09
Repercussions of Greek Philosophy in Modern Science With a Focus on Werner Heisenberg and Adolf Portmann PDF
Inga R. Gammel 10-17
Schelling on the Symbolic Relationship between Art and Ethics and the Role of the Symbol in the Quest for System Unity PDF
Kyriaki Goudeli 18-28
Body meets Lebenswelt: Living aspects of ethics according to M. Merleau-Ponty PDF
Evi Maria Weigl 29-34
Quality from an ethical viewpoint PDF
Doris Zeilinger 35-42
Ethics at the age of information PDF
José María Díaz Nafría 43-52

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