Vol 4, No 2 (2016)

Research Papers: EMCSR and Open Call

Table of Contents

Research Papers

The Flowing Stability of Cultures: Insights from Complexity Studies PDF
Fulvio Mazzocchi 1-9
The Cybersyn Project as a Paradigm for Managing and Learning in Complexity PDF
Henry Mauricio Ortiz Osorio, José María Díaz Nafría 10-19
A New Ground for Analogy: an Epistemo-Ontological Study of Systemic Principles PDF
Duygu Uygun Tunç 20-28
"Imaginary Systems" - Computer Games, media comprehension, and the systemic organization of human experience PDF
Nikolaus Koenig 29-47
On Connections between Properties in Biology – How We Learn about Order in Organisms PDF
Manfred Drack 48-53

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