Vol 3, No 1 (2015)

Special Issue: Media Ecology

Guest Editor Robert Logan

Table of Contents


Editorial Systema 3(1) PDF
David Rousseau 01
Special Issue: Media Ecology as a Form of Systems Thinking PDF
Robert Logan 02-03

Special Issue: Media Ecology

The Teleodynamics of Culture, Language, Organization, Science, Economics and Technology (CLOSET) PDF
Robert K. Logan 04-30
The Teleodynamics of Culture, Language, Organization, Science, Economics and Technology (CLOSET): Part 2 Evolution PDF
Robert Logan 31-36
Media Ecology and the Systems View PDF
Lance Strate 37-45
A Heuristic Sketch of Lee Thayer’s Systems Theory Orientation to Human Communication: Reflections on the Range of Open Systems PDF
Corey Anton 46-69
Further Thoughts on Corey Anton’s Essay on Open and Closed Systems PDF
Lee Thayer 70-74
Invisible Dynamics of Everyday Life in New Media Ecological Systems PDF
Meghan Dougherty 75-88
Media Ecology as Ecology Contrariwise: Protecting Humans from an Environment. PDF
Andrey Miroshnichenko 89-104
Online Proxemics PDF
Dan Podjed 105-118
Experimental Poiesis as Systems Thinking: McLuhan’s Tetrad and the Comprehension of Complexity PDF
Adam Pugen 119-130
Mechanology: Machine Typologies and the Birth of Philosophy of Technology in France (1932-1958) PDF
Andrew Iliadis 131-144
Blueprints and Circuits of Collective Authorship: Autopoietic Systems and Media Networks in Oral-Formulaic Theory PDF
Adam Webb-Orenstein 145-165
Ecological Systems Thinking: Luhmann, McLuhan and the Subject PDF
Adriana Braga, Adriano Rodrigues 166-176
Feedforward, I. A. Richards, Cybernetics and Marshall McLuhan PDF
Robert Logan 177-185

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