Vol 1, No 2 (2013)

"systems. connecting matter, life, culture and technology” was set up inter alia to be a mouthpiece for reflective and visionary papers presented at the European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research, which is held in even-numbered years in Vienna.  We are pleased to include in the present issue five papers from the 21st European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research, held in 2012.

Table of Contents


Editorial Announcement PDF
Wolfgang Hofkirchner, Stefan F. Blachfellner 00-00
Editorial PDF
David Rousseau 01-02

Special Issue EMCSR

Open or Closed Systems? Bridging the Gap. PDF
Merrelyn Emery 03-19
On a Subjective Control of Safety Level PDF
Gábor Szász, Svetlana Benedikt, István Kun 20-32
Managing Complexity by Innovation PDF
Helmut Karl Loeckenhoff 33-46
The City as Emergent Computational System PDF
Rainer E. Zimmermann, Silvia Mazzini 47-59
Welfare and Human Population in Austria PDF
Maria Teresa Sanz, Joan Carles Micó, Antonio Caselles, David Soler 60-82

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