Vol 1, No 1 (2013)

The first issue presents selected, peer-reviewed papers from the EMCSR 2012 (21st European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research held in Vienna).

Table of Contents


Editorial Comment: Why another journal on systems? PDF
Wolfgang Hofkirchner, Stefan Blachfellner, Robert M. Bichler 01-04

Special Issue EMCSR

The Epistemological Meaning of Luhmann’s Critique of Classical Ontology PDF
Edmundo Balsemão Pires 05-20
Anticipatory Modeling and Simulation for Inter Regional Security PDF
Daniel M. Dubois, Viveca Asproth, Stig C. Holmberg, Ulrica Löfstedt, Lena-Maria Öberg 21-35
The Learning Environment as a Chaotic and Complex Adaptive System PDF
Georg Weichhart 36-53
Predicting the evolutive city. The notion of time in diagrammatic thinking PDF
Caterina Padoa Schioppa 54-68
Energy & Information in Systems PDF
Rainer E. Zimmermann 69-78
Human-commensurable Systems: from Complexity to Harmony PDF
Iurii Mielkov 79-94
Social responsibility in Slovenia PDF
Simona Šarotar Žižek, Matjaž Mulej, Borut Milfelner, Amna Potočnik 95-109
Social Media Applications in Crisis Interaction PDF
Karin Rainer, Verena Grubmüller, Igor Pejic, Katharina Götsch, Peter Leitner 110-127

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