Futurian Poetry, Systems-Theory and Transdisciplinarity: A Case for Contiguous Analysis and possibilities for Literal-Metaphor within a Telecommunications Research Centre.

Jessica Dylan Foley


This paper critically revises my contribution[1] to the EMCSR PhD Colloquium, bringing it up-to-speed with my current research. In this paper I consider how my research aligns itself with a strengthening transdisciplinary mode of research across the academic world, particularly in relation to art-science research. I take a certain imaginative and narrative license, by abstracting connections between the following: Ludwig von Bertalannfy’s General System Theory and Velimr Khlebnikov’s Avant-Garde Poetry and Essays, and emergent Transdisciplinary theories. Through a contiguous analysis of these abstractions, the intention is to set in motion resonances between them, oriented towards of a particular concern to develop the discourse and practice of science communication.  The paper explores the potential for embracing the possibilities of contiguous analysis, literal-metaphor, and ‘in-reach’ within a telecommunications research centre that is opening itself out to other cultures and ways-of-knowing.

[1] The Title of my initial Paper was ‘Tracing the Past, Writing the Future: The Important Case of Poetry, Telecommunications Engineering and von Bertalanffy’s General System Theory’.



Velimir Khlebnikov, General System Theory, Telecommunications, Contemporary Art Practice.

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