Social Media Applications in Crisis Interaction

Karin Rainer, Verena Grubmüller, Igor Pejic, Katharina Götsch, Peter Leitner


Social media applications are increasingly widespread in modern societies. Internet use and mobile access to information, social networks, entertainment and services are and will be subject to rapid growth and create an essential source for so called “social media analytics” (SMA), which allow to systematically monitor and analyze user generated contents for different purposes. Given this prominence social media have reached in different fields, we identify a crucial importance to promote the application of social media services for effective disaster prevention and preparation, faster and interactive investigation and tracing processes via strategic information search and inclusion of the public, better crisis management as well as positive image development. Based on current possibilities and evolving practices of social media usage as a means of community participation, this paper develops ideas for a future use of social media in disaster management and general crisis mitigation. The opportunities, which are meant to be identified, will be weighed up against potential risks and weaknesses of this approach.


Social Media Analytics; Multilevel Crisis Interaction; Crisis Dynamics; Multi Media Integration; Vulnerability Prevention; Crisis Communication

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